Michel's Musings 24.10.2003


Functional Straw, at last

I just downloaded, compiled and installed Straw from CVS, and I dare say it infinitely improves the experience. No more frozen GUI while it's refreshing feeds, and oh, status icons per feed!

I'm so impressed, in fact, that I am going to talk to the developers about hosting my RPMs until I have the time to get them past Fedora QA. Red Hat and Fedora users, stay in touch, I'll be back :)

For those bemused, Straw is, of course, the GNOME RSS feed reader written in Python.

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Louis' puzzlement at Microsoft rabidity

.. is shared by PBS' Robert Cringely. And cringe one should. Woe to Microsoft's many customers, it seems that they still do not understand open source development methodology.

What not to understand about peer review is beyond me. To add to that, open source developers tend to be passionate about their subjects, maintain longer attachments to their projects, while commercial development teams get shuffled around, to the point that the open-source SMB implementation, Samba is faster than the native implementation.

But as the Arabs say, let the dogs bark, the caliph passes still ...

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