Michel's Musings 20.10.2003


Signature drive: Shockwave for Linux

A SuSE user e-mailed Macromedia about porting Shockwave to Linux and got an encouraging reply: send enough requests (say, a few thousand) and the demand for the port would be considered sufficient.

So, without further ado, I point you to the request form. Sign away! In the interest of desktop agnosticism you may put a combination of kernel/glibc version, though really only glibc matters.

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HOWTO: share iTunes for Windows between users on the same PC

Some people want to know if they could share their iTunes folder between multiple users on the same PC. It is quite simple if one is used to Unix and using soft links, but for non-Unix types out there, here it is...

Note that the source and destination folders need to be on NTFS volumes. Some XP OEMs bizarrely ship their PCs with FAT32 volumes; convert is your friend.

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